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About Saga Project

A Timeless RPG Experience

The SaGa franchise is a distinguished and longstanding series of freeform player choice-centric role-playing games produced by Square Enix. The series is uniquely known for its emphasis on exploration, non-linear branching plots, and occasionally unconventional gameplay. There are over a dozen games in the SaGa franchise, each with their own unique and standalone stories. The first entry in the series was THE FINAL FANTASY LEGEND, which was released for the Game Boy in December 1989 in Japan as MAKAI TOSHI SaGa. It was the first RPG ever released for a handheld gaming systems, breaking new ground for portable gaming, and the first Square title to sell over a million units.

A revolutionary leveling system with the freedom to customize your characters and their growth, allowing you to leave behind the typical RPG grind.

Non-linear progression allows you to pick and choose stories to take on and the order to complete them, adding incredible replay value.

Choose from amongst a wide variety of starting protagonists, where your selection determines how the game starts and your initial selection of quests.

Turn-based combat is further enhanced by the spontaneous Glimmer system (also known as Spark or Inspiration), through which characters are granted access to new abilities, and tactical elements like managing the party’s formation and executing combo attacks offer a newly-found tactical depth.

With around 4 million copies sold, the smash-hit Romancing SaGa titles for the Super Famicom are perhaps the most representative of the series as a whole, establishing various game features unique to the SaGa franchise:



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