SaGa Emerald BeyondSaGa Emerald Beyond


Tsunanori Mido

A man who can manipulate kugutsu, and is tasked with protecting the barrier around his city! Tsunanori comes from the long lineage of the important Mido family of Miyako City, a world filled with traditional, old-fashioned city streets that sprawl out from the central Gokakudo Temple. He can control kugutsu, or animated puppets, which bear their own will. The last great war destroyed the old societal and spiritual orders alike. Ever since, Miyako City has been plagued with all kinds of supernatural phenomena. Tsunanori is selected for the Cathedral Project to investigate other worlds and restore order to the spiritual realm. With the kugutsu accompanying him, he sets out on a journey to other worlds to find four elemental spirits to accomplish his task.


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